Val Flynn,

Integration Mentor
with a focus on Healing and Empowerment

My goal is that each client I work with knows they are capable of overcoming any obstacles holding them back from living their most authentic life.

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"When I started with Val I had no idea how much I would grow in just a few months. I immediately connected with Val after our first session, she had a way of making me feel calm and heard. Through the mentoring I have learned so much about myself and my inner children. I have noticed triggers and retrained many of my negative thoughts. I have learned how to talk to myself and inner children and be an advocate for myself. I am eating more, sleeping more, and feel overall much better about myself. The knowledge Val has given me is life changing. It is practical and effective. Even with an extremely busy schedule I felt I was able to do her suggestions and saw change very quickly. I have more confidence and more hope that I can achieve the life I’ve always hoped for. Thank you, Val, for changing my life."


Kate B. Denver, CO 

Working alongside my clients allows me to truly understand where they want to go and how I can help them become more integrated and empowered

I create a kind, caring, and mutually respectful relationship with each client to provide

a space of safety and nurturing.


My goal is that each client I work with knows

that they are valued and capable of

creating the life they desire.


I accomplish this using a variety of 

personal development tools

as well as specific integration work that I

teach my clients how to do themselves. This way, as they go forward in life they know how to handle any obstacle that they might

face in the future.

"To live the kind of life that you truly want you need to believe that you are worthy to have that kind of life." - Merja Sumiloff