Val enjoys spending time with her family, throwing pottery and watercolor. Yoga and meditation are an important part of her life. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the US with her husband and 4 children. 

Having done her own personal work, Val discovered the power of personal integration. She realized how profound it was for healing past trauma and overcoming life's challenges. 

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she spent much of her life looking for healing and hope. In 2015 she found herself deeply depressed and feeling hopeless, as though life had let her down.  

When she found Merja Sumiloff and the

INFx Project she knew she was experiencing something life altering.

The work was different than any therapy or counseling she had previously experienced and she quickly began to see results. She found the healing that she had been looking for for so many years and now has a deep desire to share this personal integration work with those who are also struggling. 

Her personal experience has shown her that everyone who struggles has the capacity to heal and improve their own lives. If you are ready to change book a complimentary suitability session via email at Please include your full name, top three challenges, time zone and best times to talk.