What my clients have said...

"Working with all kinds of issues in my life with Val was very easy, even when the subjects were big and ones I’ve been avoiding. She’s an extraordinarily kind and helpful person, and I felt she really met with my needs and me as an individual. Being in different continents resulted in some scheduling issues, and she was very accommodating and flexible with the sessions."

K.K., Finland

"When the student is ready the teacher appears" Buddah

"I feel so lucky that my teacher was Val Flynn. I was at a time of change in my life. She skillfully and gently helped me set goals and create paths for me to achieve them. I have learned so much about my self and how I relate to others. My eyes have been opened - at 63! It's never too late but I wish I'd had this experience at 30. 

If you are wondering if an Integration Mentor would work for you - yes it will. You will be fortunate if that mentor is Val Flynn!"

Carrie M. Las Vegas, NV

I felt extremely validated. I was feeling overwhelmed and that I wasn't being understood. Val was right there with me every step of the way. Her support and guidance got me through a very challenging time in my life. I felt so validated and able to accept where I was as being ok. 

S Hart, Alberta Canada

Val is incredibly supportive and offers a fresh perspective on your situation. She wants to help stretch you to where you want to go and connect you to the different parts of yourself. She is also vulnerable herself with letting you not feel alone with what you are feeling and have gone/going through. Her support helped me to feel more safe with others and connect more with my inner children. I highly recommend her.


Amelia H., Kansas City, MO

"When I started with Val I had no idea how much I would grow in just a few months. I immediately connected with Val after our first session, she had a way of making me feel calm and heard. Through the mentoring I have learned so much about myself and my inner children. I have noticed triggers and retrained many of my negative thoughts. I have learned how to talk to myself and inner children and be an advocate for myself. I am eating more, sleeping more, and feel overall much better about myself. The knowledge Val has given me is life changing. It is practical and effective. Even with an extremely busy schedule I felt I was able to do her suggestions and saw change very quickly. I have more confidence and more hope that I can achieve the life I’ve always hoped for. Thank you, Val, for changing my life."

Kate B. Denver, CO